Something wicked this way comes!

3 March
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Who am I? An interesting character . . . there's a smile and a laugh hiding somewhere just as much as there is the venting of annoyance, irritation and aggravation that comes from dealing with a wide variety of people.

My days are busy ones, but you never know what kind of 'busy' it could be - some days are better than others. Even so, I am still a teacher in my heart, as that was my career at one point in time. I miss being in the classroom, watching and working with students of all ages and abilities to become future productive members of society. Children, by themselves, are great sources of imagination.

I've lived in a few different parts of the US, gained a variety of experiences along the way. Life, for me, has had more struggle than success in the past few years, but I still continue on. New friends open my eyes to new experiences - never know what might catch my interest.

At night . . . I am very much a dreamer, my mind tends to wander . . . where it ends up is anyone's guess. Words, in whatever form they may be, are my inspiration and my demon. Reading, writing, creating - all are equally enjoyable to me in what time I spare. New interests are found, mixing in with old ones evenly. Never know what might catch my attention.